International tournaments contain a lot of work. In the past year, many host families have contributed to the success of the AMJOY CUP. For the coming edition of the AMJOY CUP we also want to offer the players a nice place to stay in a host family. The organization is looking for hostfamilies. 

What should I do as a host family?

As a host family you offer accommodation to one player or more players during the tournament week. The number of days which a player stays at your place as a host depends on the time a player is in the tournament.

That could be two nights if the player is already out after one match. But it also could be seven nights when the player progresses in the tournament. All players are talented, sporty players with a huge focus on the sport. They are in bed on time and are gone again on time the next day. If you have a preference for a player, for example a boy or girl, you can indicate that. More than sleeping and breakfast is not necessary for the players. If you can offer that as a host family, we are enormously helped!

If interested, please contact by e-mail: